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Cocker Spaniel Ear Cleaning


Cocker Spaniels are a breed that is very prone to ear infections. When you combine the size of the ear on a dog like the Cocker and the amount of hair that they grow when they are not kept on a strict grooming schedule, it can be almost inevitable. Even those that take perfect care of this breed can still run into problems with ear cleaning. But by using our tips and suggestions for cleaning your dogs ears, you can cut the risk of ear infections almost down to zero.

What Causes The Ear Infections?

The Cocker has droopy ears and it can lead to poor ventilation of the ear itself. This leaves the door wide open for a variety of reasons why they could get an ear infection. If you go and look at your dog right now and lift up their ears you can tell real quick if they have one or not. Try and get in there and smell the area if you can as well as looking directly at the canal area. If it smells kind of cheesy and you see a reddish tint to the area of the canal, they probably have an ear infection.

Most of the time they are treated by vets that prescribe ear drops to take care of the problem. The hope is that over time the dog will begin to heal and break away from the infection and get back to their normal merry self. It usually takes up to about two weeks of giving them these drops on a daily basis before you can see the problem get completely resolved. Sometimes though this method of treatment doesn’t work and can put a strain on your pocket book.

Home Made Remedy

A home-made recipe should NEVER be used on a dog that has sores or open wounds on their ears, or a dog that has a ruptured ear drum. Please make sure that you inspect the ears and canal areas thoroughly before even considering using a home remedy on your dog. You will need powdered boric acid, white vinegar, an antiseptic solution, and rubbing alcohol. You might have a hard time finding the Beta-dine antiseptic solution, but keep at it. It is crucial to the success of this remedy. They used to have it for sale over the counter, but it seems recently that it has been much harder to locate. You may want to ask a pharmacist for it if you are having trouble finding it.

The next thing that you are going to need is a plastic bottle of some sort to store the concoction in once you have created the mixture. I would recommend using a bottle that allows you to have an applicator and an ounces measurement on the side. That way you will be able to tell how much you are applying to your dogs ears and you can make sure that you apply it to the right area. There is a very specific way that you must mix it in order to have success, just trust me on this one.

The first thing that you will do is to take six ounces of the rubbing alcohol and put it into the bottle. Next comes the boric acid powder, which you want to add one and a half teaspoons of. Please ensure that you don’t get any of the boric acid powder on your skin or clothes. If you do, the best course of action would be to wash it off as quickly as possible. After shaking up the solution until you have dissolved the powder, the next step is to add two ounces of white vinegar. After shaking it a bit more, you want to finally add the teaspoon of Betamine and then shake it some more again. By the end of it, you should have a color that somewhat resembles iced tea.

Please be sure that you have an area where you can properly administer the home remedy preferable in an outside area. It can stain and will stain, which is why you shouldn’t do it anywhere near anything that you don’t want to get stained. Obviously if you have someone to help you that is going to be a tremendous idea, but it is possible to complete this process by yourself. If you do have a two person team, use the first person to hold the dog and the second person to administer the remedy.

Next comes the part where you put the solution in the dog’s ear canal area, but you don’t just want to fill up the area. You also need to fold the ear back to it’s normal state and rub the ear in circles. This will make sure that the solution gets everywhere that it needs to. It will also make sure that your dog doesn’t just dump a bunch of the solution out of their ear onto the floor. That is pretty counter-productive. Keep the dog as still as you can for a couple of minutes after you have applied the home remedy. Don’t worry if they spill some out after they get up and run around, that is to be expected.

I would start with doing this daily until you see the affected area start to improve. Once you are comfortable with the improvement that you have seen, you can start to move the application of the home remedy to once a week. When you are comfortable again with the progress that you are making with the weekly applications, you can move to the bi-weekly applications. This home remedy can be stored and kept at room temperature and used again if needed. It is also worth a mention that you should not let your dog lick or consume the mixture, along with any of your other pets. It can be harmful if they ingest some of it. So please, use the utmost caution when you are handling it.